Berkley Choppo Hard Bait Topwater Lure

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Whether you are a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, the Berkley Choppo is the ultimate chuck and wind bait that delivers explosive topwater action. Built with a super durable cupped propeller tail, the Berkley Choppo produces an enticing plopping sound and a generous amount of spray that calls fish to the surface to strike. The precision weighting of the Berkley Choppo also ensures that the tail begins spinning immediately and it swims perfectly straight at a variety of speeds.

Ideal for fishing in open water, around shallow cover, or boat docks, the Berkley Choppo does it all. Available in a wide range of colors and equipped with a pair of Berkley Fusion19 treble hooks, the Berkley Choppo is a must-have for every topwater enthusiast.

Berkley Length Weight Class
Choppo 75 3" 1/2oz Topwater
Choppo 90 3-2/7" 1/2oz Topwater
Choppo 105 4-1/8" 3/4oz Topwater
Choppo 120 4-1/2" 1oz Topwater