Berkley Flicker Shad

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The Berkley Flicker Shad delivers an incredible action and premium construction - all for a reasonable price. No need to tune or tweak, every Flicker Shad is individually tank-tested to run straight and true right out of the package. It's also engineered with a unique weight transfer system. During casts the internal rattles flow to the back of the Flicker Shad for increased casting distance, and they also help balance out the lure on the retrieve. Designed to imitate a fleeing baitfish, the Flicker Shad's "flicker" action has been proven to elicit aggressive strikes from bass and other gamefish. Backed with durable, sticky sharp Mustad Ultra Point treble hooks, plenty of fish will see the bottom of the net thanks to the Flicker Shad. Available in several colors, the Berkley Flicker Shad gets the job done.