Berkley Hit Stick

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Berkley Hit Stick Hard Bait gives the largest rolling action of any Berkley hard bait! The shape of this bait is perfect for achieving that tight, finessed tail action that will lure the larger predators. Berkeley's integrated FlashDisc improves this lures tracking stability, helping it to run true. The Hit Stick's rolling wagging action creates a life-like presentation that can entice hard strikes!

The high-speed rolling balsa action proves its true colors when on the troll for giant walleyes. The sides of the Hit Stick are designed to be highly reflective, activating bright flashes of light at even the slowest of speeds. When fishing the shoreline, these small baits cast great, exhibiting how the Berkley Hit Stick delivers ultimate versatility. If you're looking for a true balsa-like lure of the highest quality, then you need the Berkley Hit Stick Hard Bait!

  • Largest rolling action of any Berkley hard bait
  • Unique high speed rolling action
  • Integrated FlashDisc, metallic weights on the underside of the bait, improves tracking stability, casting distance, and accuracy
  • Maximum side flash is activated at even the slowest speeds
  • Tight, finessed tail movement
  • True balsa-like action
  • High pitch rattle to attract predator game fish
  • Equipped with sharp Fusion 19 hooks
  • Qty. per Pack: 1