Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Lil Super Trooper 2.5"

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The crazy cousin of the already popular Lil Trooper, the Lil Super Trooper introduces action claws to this ned rig craw style bait. Infused with MaxScent technology, the Lil Super Trooper has the action, taste, and scent needed for a successful day of finesse fishing.

Prop 65


  • Super kicking claws provide action with any movement
  • 2.5" compact crawfish imitation ideal for Ned Rig / finesse applications
  • Pinchers flare out when paused imitating a defensive craw
  • Back tail is designed to perfectly pair with Half Head and Ned style jigheads
  • Flat bottom allows bait to glide to bottom
  • An ideal trailer for small skirted jigs