Berkley Powerbait Paddlin' PowerStinger

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The Berkley PowerBait Paddlin' PowerStinger features patent-pending Honey Comb technology that increases durability without sacrificing their boot tail swimming action. The Berkley Powerbait PowerStinger swimbaits imitate the look and motion that bass usually see. They have slits on the back and belly, allowing for various ways to rig them.

 These swimbaits are specifically designed to be used as a trailer for a bladed jig or to be threaded onto a swimbait jig head. The dense head of the Paddlin' PowerStinger prevents the bait from getting torn. Berkley PowerStingers are infused with proven PowerBait flavor. Available in standard and HD Tru colors, they are perfect for imitating any type of baitfish or fitting any technique.

  • Patent pending Honey Comb technology increases durability without sacrificing action
  • Thick baitfish profile
  • Back and belly slots for accommodating a variety of rigging styles
  • Infused with PowerBait flavor
  • Available in standard and HD Tru colors to match any hatch or application