Berkley PowerBait Power Stinger

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A Berkley PowerBait PowerStinger Swimbait is a good bet if you want the best bladed jig trailer for bass fishing. Berkley applied its patent-pending "honeycomb" technology – pockets in the soft plastic minnow bait from the mid-section to tail – to encourage additional swimming action when paired with a bladed jig.

The "Best in Category" 2022 ICAST Winner PowerBait PowerStinger is the perfect match with Berkley's Slobberknocker, also an ICAST 2022 Category Winner. The duo creates a bladed jig combo set to rip bass out of their watery lairs. And speaking of ripping, the Berkley PowerStinger won't as its durable thick baitfish profile and dense head resists tearing. Pick up some now. Thanks to its unique honeycomb patterning, Berkley PowerBait PowerStinger Swimbaits could soon become your favorite straight-tailed minnow trailer.