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Boing Lures take topwater performance and fishing technology to a whole new level. The difference is in the "Boing" sound that a Boing Lure generates. It is designed to stimulate a fish's sound-receptor by creating both High and Low spectrum frequencies - unlike any lure on the market! This creates a burst of acoustic information and electrical signals that are conveyed directly to a fish’s brain - and causes them to react violently.

Easy to walk-the-dog with and cast a country mile, the topwater Boinger is constructed of extremely durable Lexan for added toughness, and the sound chamber contains material, which will never bend or break. The hook eyes are also constructed of stainless steel, and Boing Lures come equipped with sticky sharp premium Gamakatsu #4 black nickel trebles. Featuring an array of quality paint schemes by Dwain Batey at Baitworks, Boing Lures take the time on each bait to make sure you get the best possible lure for your money. Boing Lures also feature feathered trebles hand-tied in the US.

Boing Lures: Audio attraction that eclipses all others.

Made in the USA by fishermen for fishermen.