Case Plastics Walleye Worm 4''

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One of the keys to successful fishing is having the ability to present your bait in the most life-like manner possible, making the ‘Walleye Worm’ same as the Wyandotte worm, the ideal choice. Very popular on the Detroit River,Saginaw River jigging with a 3/4 to 1 oz. jighead vertical for some "GREAT" walleye action.It's made for a natural feeling, soft plastic free of salt, the ‘Walleye Worm’ with its 4” slim body, will suspend in the water when nose hooked making it look just like a live minnow, leach or other baitfish species. Choose from our colors and ‘match the hatch’ on your favorite lake and hang on! Fish this bait once and watch it become your new premier ‘go-to’ bait!