Church Tackle 2-In-1 Board Clip

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The "Board Clip" is 2 clips in 1. It replaces their old model (Adjustable Flex Clip and Vise Clip) You may switch to whichever setup you prefer quickly and easily! If you prefer to set your clip for release when a fish is caught, you can easily set your clip up as an Adjustable Flex Clip. If no release is your choice set your clip as a Vise Clip, then you never have to worry about another false release because the line is always pulling into the clip, making it practically impossible to have an accidental release. Both setups are line friendly. They won't cause damage to your line, yet allow for a one-handed release. made of glass filled super tough nylon that will revert to its original shape if dropped or stepped on replaceable pads are designed to hold ultra thin braids, lead core and monofilament lines. 2 Per Pack