Church Tackle TX-22 Special Pro Pack

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The TX-22 Special is a proven tournament winner and is now available in a Pro-Pack! The Pro-Pack includes two TX-22 Special Planer Boards and two Double Action Flag Systems.


-Includes two TX-22 Special Planer Boards and two Double Action Flag Systems

-Planer Boards are preassembled just add the flag system and two-arm and they are ready for trolling

-Perfect weight distribution makes it easy to retrieve and allows it to set upright in the water with no forward motion, giving it the ability to troll extremely slow, without restricting performance at higher speeds

-Adjustable Flex Clip, makes it simple to adjust to different line diameters for a better grip to hold on ultra braids, monofilament, lead core or copper lines, yet easily releases with one hand for the fastest release on the water

-Rear pin makes it easy to attach your board to your line and makes it virtually impossible to lose your bard unless the line breaks

-The TX-22 is reversible Port to Starboard in minutes

-The Double Action Flag System is great for light striking fish

-The flag can be adjusted for different lures and speeds by simply moving the adjustment lever up or down

-Easy to install and use

-Can be set for a flag up or down alert