Eagle Claw Snells Plain Shank Hooks 6 Pack

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The Eagle Claw Plain Shank Snell Fish Hook brings a product you can count on for many different bait applications. Regardless of your favorite lure, the durability of this unit can provide you a fishing experience unlike others. The Eagle Claw hook, possesses both strength and toughness for those catches which fight hard the whole way in. Designed so it grasps and holds once snared, its hold is magnified given the direct line of pull on your cast. The offset fishing hook is one of a long chain of accessories from a company that understands the importance of keeping both bait and fish securely attached. It is readily secured to your line and can provide you a series of casts before needing to be replaced. Good for many skill levels, the streamlined device will work on a range of fish weights successfully. Get an accessory which will be both practical and durable when you purchase it for the fisher in your family. Eagle Claw Hooks.