Evergreen Grass Ripper

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An unbeatable tool for tangling with big bass lurking in a maze of vegetation, the Evergreen Grass Ripper Swim Jigs deliver grass-shedding performance to help anglers pull more fish from cover. It starts with a streamlined head that effortlessly slides through grass after a long and aerodynamic cast that helps anglers cover long stretches of water more efficiently. Coating the head is a durable paint scheme that not only aids in ‘matching the hatch’ more accurately, but also stands up to abrasive cover with less chipping and flaking.

Extending from the versatile head, the Evergreen Grass Ripper Swim Jigs utilizes a meticulously designed weedguard that relies upon the perfect blend of stoutness to rip through grass, and flexibility to not impede your hookset. An infallible custom Gamakatsu 4/0 hook ensures confident hooksets and bolsters the jig’s ability to pull grumpy bass from laydowns and other snag-ridden structures. Finished with a custom soft plastic keeper system and premium skirts, the Evergreen Grass Ripper Swim Jigs will help you navigate your lake’s underwater jungles like an expert.