Berkley Fireline Thermally Fused Tough Superline Fishing Line 125 yards

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Berkley FireLine Thermally Fused Superline is optimized for the spinning reels that you take to the ice. Fireline Superline is rounder with a more consistent line structure that holds less ice for fewer freeze-ups. Plus, the fused 8-strand Dyneema PE fibers in the Berkley Superline are resilient. Tested against leading competitive conventional braids, thermally fused Fireline provides up to 5 times stronger abrasion resistance. It is simply the strongest most abrasion-resistant fishing line. Why should you take the chance of losing the fish of a lifetime with a lesser pick? Follow the motto, "Be prepared" and make your choice from the Berkley FireLine Thermally Fused Superline.

  • Five times more abrasion resistant than leading conventional braids
  • Fused 8 Strand Superline
  • Smooth casting and sensitive

Berkley FireLine Thermally Fused Superline is made in the U.S.A.