Gamakatsu Offset EWG Worm Hook

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Gamakatsu Offset Extra Wide Gap Worm Hooks feature perfectly conical needle points that are in line with the eye of the hook, allowing for a perfect hook set with very little force. These hooks also feature an offset shank that is intended to keep your softbait on the hook. To eliminate missed bites, the extra wide gap accommodates thick plastics while providing enough hook space to properly penetrate the jaw of bass. Anglers can employ these hooks with a variety of baits such as creature baits, stick baits, and oversized worms. They're known as Gamakatsu's most popular and versatile hooks because you can utilize them on a Texas or Carolina rig. Offset Worm Hooks are a favorite of both professional and amateur anglers across the globe. If you love pitching big creature baits, Gamakatsu Offset Extra Wide Gap Worm Hooks are the perfect addition to your tackle box.