Gamakatsu Spring Lock Spinner

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Add flashing, spinning, bite-provoking magic to your bait with the Gamakatsu® Spring Lock Spinner Swimbait Hook. This game-changing design features the Double Down Spring Lock bait screw, which consists of 2 retaining wires that make rigging easier and your bait more secure than ever. The nickel willow blade adds attention-grabbing flash and vibrations to bring distant fish in for a closer look. The experts at Gamakatsu built this fish-getter on a 2X strong forged carbon steel hook with an extra-wide gap. This fish hook is perfect for rigging large baits and strong enough to handle sudden, brutal strikes from big fish.

  • Add flashing, spinning, bite-provoking motion to your bait
  • Double Down Spring Lock bait screw secures bait
  • Nickel willow blade adds flash and vibrations
  • 2X strong forged carbon steel hook
  • Extra-wide gap rigs large baits