JT Custom Tackle Bandits Walleye Deep Diver Crankbaits

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Grab the time tested, angler favorite for landing monster Walleye, the Bandit Walleye Deep Divers! These lures are great for Walleye, and other predator fish that explore deeper waters. Sporting an array of vibrant colors, it is the perfect bait for drawing in attention in the depths. These lures dive quickly to 27 feet with their round lip and slender build, that quick dive creates a ruckus that predators, like Walleye, can’t ignore.

The Walleye Deep Diver dives even deeper when being trolled. That slender body, flashy colors, and enticing action of this minnow jerkbait will have the Walleye chasing you down! When you’re after some trophy Walleye, don’t just bring any lures, bring great lures! Like the Bandit Walleye Deep Divers!