Missile Baits Bomba 3.5"

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The Bomba 3.5 is a finesse, thick, craw body worm that casts and skips like a rocket. Think combination of a Ned Rig and Senko. The bait visually looks like a crawfish with no appendages and has a hook slot in the belly for easy hook sets. The Bomba 3.5 is mostly fished Texas rigged weightless to erratically fall to the bottom while gliding, rocking, and even going away from you at times. Many other bass catching techniques can be used with the Bomba such as Neko Rig, Ned Rig, Texas Rig, and more. The Bomba 3.5 will come in 8 colors and have 6 baits per bag. Grab the Bomba 3.5 when you need to go finesse but still want an easy bait to cast.