Moonshine Lures Casting Spoon

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Moonshine Casting Spoons are specially designed to catch a variety of species, including salmon, trout, walleye, striper, pike, and muskie. The coating on these lures is perfect for low-light conditions, as well during the day-time in deep or stained waters where extra attraction is needed. Moonshine Casting Spoons offer unique colors and patterns feature a VMC hook for exceptional hold of all your catches.

  • Weight: 3/4 oz.
  • UV reflective colors
  • Qty. per pack: 1

Please note: Images show the lure under regular light and under UV light. Glow colors glow in the dark. UV lures "glow" under UV light, but may not glow in the dark.  RV colors will have Moonshine RV Tape over the spoons and will not appear exactly as shown in the image.