Nichols Pulsator Double Willow Spinnerbaits

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The .44-Mag Spinnerbait, from Nichols, is the factory 'load' of a wildcat bait that knowledgeable anglers have been using for years. We all know the spinnerbait is a great baitfish imitation, but what happens when the bait is in deep water and your favorite spinnerbait can't reach them? You may tie on a crankbait or try the dropshot if the bass will eat them, but now you can have a spinnerbait that will reach fish suspended on deep structure or chasing shad below the thermocline.

These baits weigh in at 1.5 ounces, but so do some other spinnerbaits; the difference is that the .44 Mag has regular sized blades that allow this bait to reach and maintain depth easily and quickly. In the past, some deep water anglers took 1/2 and 3/4 ounce baits and put smaller blades on them to reach these fish, but now you can have number 5 and 6 blades, the best fish catching sizes, and still get down there. These spinnerbaits feature thick, high quality paint, a large eye to focus attention, and a big round bend hook that will hold your bass even when they come up and try to shake it out.

The .44 Mag offers great colors that get bit in the dim light of deep water and thick skirts that complement the large head. Try these baits when you are after deep fish, especially when the bait is suspended around deep structure. Want a spinnerbait that you can really burn back to the boat? This is it, and they will resist rolling over even at high speed. Cover lots of water fast with the .44 Mag from Nichols.