Off Shore Tackle OR37 SST Pro Mag Planer Board

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Off Shore Tackle SST Pro Mag Planer Boards are designed to pull more weight than any other planer board on the market today! These board are ideal for long copper and lead core lines as well as oversized baits, plus they have been correctly designed and balanced for pulling those heavy weights. With Off Shore Tackle SST Pro Mag Planer Boards, you'll be pulling in the striper, salmon, trout, muskie, and walleye in no time at all.

The red OR16 clip on the end of the board ensures that your board stays put on your fishing line when you place your line behind the center pin as indicated. The black OR18 clip can be tension adjusted to function as a release when trolling withmonofilament lines or tightened down to function as a fixed clip when trolling with super braids.

Each package contains one yellow SST Pro Mag Planer with stationary flag, OR18 Release (black) with Lock Nut, and OR16 Clip (red) with Split Ring, and instructions

Off Shore Tackle SST Pro Mag Planer Boards are made in the U.S.A.