Berkley Powerbait Power Switch

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The Berkley PowerBait Power Switch is purpose-built with so many characteristics that you can quickly change tactics and target different fish or structures without switching baits. When using forward-facing sonar to locate fish, time is of the essence. The weight-forward design of the Power Switch allows for precision casting, quick entry into the water, and various movements to entice even the most cautious fish to strike. With the Power Switch, you'll be able to react quickly and present your bait with speed and accuracy, increasing your chances of a successful catch. Cover the water with the same Power Switch bait using other techniques – hovering, snapping, ripping, vertical jigging, twitching, bottom bouncing, bottom dragging, floating under a bobber, a straight retrieve, and many more!

 The Power Switch natural baitfish design and 3D eyes appeal to multi-species and are available in a wide range of sizes and standard, HD Tru Color, and holographic “wizard” colors! Of course, packed with PowerBait flavor and pre-rigged with a Fusion 19 hook that ensures positive hook-ups, a Berkley Power Switch should be tied and ready to turn on at all times!

  • Purpose-built for forward-facing sonar and ultimate angler control
  • The heavy, weight-forward design allows for precision casts and fast sinking
  • Natural baitfish profile and 3D eyes
  • Pre-rigged with a high-quality, sharp Fusion19 hook
  • Standard, HD Tru Color and holographic “wizard” colors
  • Attract all freshwater game fish with the size range