Rapala USA Ott's Garage Rocco Balsa Crankbait

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Rapala Ott's Garage OG Rocco 5 Crankbait is a balsa wood silent killer from designer and Bassmaster Classic champion Ott Defoe. The Rapala Rocco OG has no sound, so the buoyant round balsa bait is a solid choice where bass have learned that loud-knocking crankbaits are not food. Premium buoyant balsa wood is at the core of every Rapala OG Rocco 5, shaved into a big body, outfitted with a circuit board bill, and armed with two VMC hybrid treble hooks. You bet this OG Series creation is ready to fish right from the box!

The big body squarebill crankbait deflects off cover wherever bass like to hide, avoiding snags that blow your cover. Rapala describes the action as a medium wobble that triggers bites year-round. The Rocco 5 OG crankbait's quiet and subtle approach is effective when bass shut down, ignoring the cacophony of loud knock baits. Offered in a wide selection of Rapala’s proven fish-catching colors, order your favorites and start using the deadly Ott's Garage OG Rocco 5.

  • Floating crankbait
  • Premium balsa wood design
  • Silent/non-rattling
  • Circuit board lip
  • VMC hybrid treble hooks
  • Proven fish-catching colors
  • Highly castable
  • Qty. per Pack: 1