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The three unique installation options allow you to place ScrapeStick anywhere by either strapping it, screwing it, or using a metal T-post. With 17 possible height adjustments, the branch can be placed at the proper height for optimal success. The adjustment design allows the branch to move in 6″ increments until reaching the desired height (4-4.5 feet). The steel jaw tooth clamping system will allow up to 1.25″ in diameter branches. When using ScrapeStick with a metal T-Post the provided set screw will ensure the unit properly gets secured to the post.

Lightweight and compact design allows for easy setup & transportation.

Scrape sites are natural and have proven to provide predictable behavior as opposed to alternatives.

The ScrapeStick allows you to effortlessly create a mock scrape anywhere with its ability to strap, screw or slide onto a t-post.

Hundreds of hunters have been surveyed and agree that the ScrapeStick produces results.