Senko Wacky O Ring Black 25pk

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Senko worms have taken over fishing by storm in recent years. Such a simple bait can subtly imitate bass forage and produce both quantity and quality catches. The latest craze in senko fishing is the wacky rig - hooking the senko through the middle which brings a new action to the lure. Every movement of the rod produces a twitch in the senko that is irresistible to bass, which often strike after the twitch action and during the period in which the lure is making its fall back downward. Anglers grew frustrated fishing the wacky rig, as each catch typically tore the senko, rendering it lost or unusable after each fish or hangup. Wacky O Rings have solved that problem. By hooking through a resilient O-ring instead of the lure itself, a single senko worm can be fished all day without the fear of tearing the lure or losing it to a snag under a dock or in a brush pile. Wacky O Rings often pay for themselves on the first day out fishing with them. Bring one pack of worms down to the water instead of several. Wacky rigged senkos using a wacky O ring can be fearlessly skipped under docks and other snaggy areas with confidence. Wacky O Rings are made of a super resilient rubber compound.