Strike King KVD Ned Ocho 2.75"

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The Ned Rig has taken off in the bass fishing community as one of the most productive fishing methods.  Introducing a fresh take on this smoking hot finesse technique, is the Strike King Ned Ocho Worm, designed after the proven original Strike King Ocho Stick Worm.

The Strike King Ned Ocho comes with notched channels on its sides, designed to give the bait a lifelike, quivering action that will release bubbles as the bait is pulled through the water.  The Ned Ocho was also designed so that it wouldstrand up when dragged across the bottom on a jig head, a very necessary component to the Ned Rig technique.

Offered in a plethora of fish catching colors, the Strike King Ned Ocho is sure to effectively match any hatch of baitfish, bluegill, crawfish, or goby forage you are trying to mimic.