Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics 5" Filler Worm 10PK

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A west coast style worm shape expanding Strike King's lineup of Open Pour Technology (OPT) soft baits, the Strike King Filler Worm is made with an ultra-soft plastic that offers enhanced suppleness for maximum fish-attracting action. Poured with a thin body design and heavily salted bottom layer, the revolutionary OPT pouring process allows for clean multi-layer lamination without blurred edges, and the added salt content allows the Filler Worm to fall through the water column horizontally.

Perfect for a wide range of finesse tactics including drop shots, shakey heads, or neko rigs, the wide-set nose provides easy rigging and offers increased volume to prevent splitting over multiple hooksets. Available in a wide range of multi-layer color patterns to mimic all kinds of forage that bass love to feed on, the Strike King Filler Worms are the ideal tool for tournament anglers looking to quickly fill out a limit.