Strike King Mark Rose Lil Ledge Spoon - 1 Oz

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Designed by decorated professional bass angler, Mark Rose, the Strike King Mark Rose Lil Ledge Spoon is a must have addition to any vertical jigger’s tackle box.  This lure was designed to be narrow on the line-tie and hook hanger ends with a bulbous center to incite an amazing fluttering action on the fall.

Most traditional flutter spoons will have more curvature towards the base where the Strike King Lil Ledge Spoon loads the curvature towards the center to allow for a unique sweeping side-to-side action that bass haven’t become accustom to.Besides its unique body design, the Strike King Lil Ledge Spoon comes paired with a very realistic eye, which serves as a target for schooling bass.  Other key components included on this spoon, are the built-in barrel swivel to help avoid line twist and a premium Mustad Triple Grip treble hook.

If you’re looking for a finesse presentation that the ledge dwellers and suspenders have yet to see, drop down a Strike King Lil Ledge Spoon, it won’t disappoint.

Strike King Length Weight
Mark Rose Lil' Ledge Spoon 3-3/4" 1oz