Strike King Tour Grade Mag Jig Head - 2 Pack

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A true magnum-size shaky head, the Strike King Tour Grade Mag Jig Head is designed to be fished with large 8-10 inch worms and other large soft plastics to trigger bites from kicker-sized fish. Featuring a wide “cobra” shaped head that provides excellent feel of the bottom composition, it also keeps your bait standing straight up for maximum action. The unique tapered head design also navigates through cover very easily and keeps your bait inline for increased hook setting performance.

Equipped with an Owner Twistlock Centering Pin screw keeper as well for flawless, weedless rigging, the Twistlock keeper also decreases the amount of damage to your soft plastic bait during hook sets and fish fights, so you get the most out of every bait. Available in multiple sizes and colors to best match your lure of choice, the Strike King Tour Grade Mag Jig Head allows anglers to use bigger baits with a finesse presentation.