VMC Bladed Hybrid Treble - Black Nickel

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Add extra fish-attracting flash to your crankbait with the VMC 7548BD Bladed Hybrid 1X Short Treble Hook. This easy-riding replacement treble incorporates a resin-sealed swivel and blade for maximum rotation and flash, without restricting the action of your lure. It's a great way to add a belly flicker or tail spinner to draw more attention. 1X strong, this short-shank, wide-gap treble is forged with high-carbon steel. Inline eye; super-sharp needle point.
Sizes: 8, 6, 4, 2.
Colors: Black Nickel.

    • Replacement hook adds extra flash to your crankbait
    • Won't restrict lure action
    • Resin-sealed swivel and blade for maximum rotation and flash
    • 1X strong, short-shank, wide-gap treble
    • Forged with high-carbon steel