Gary Yamamoto Kickin Paddle Tail Zako Swimbait

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Building on the success of the original Zako Swimbait, the Yamamoto Kickin Zako Swimbait delivers an unmatched swimming action that is going to put your cull system to the test. Molded with the signature segmented Zako body but now with a unique rectangular tail, the Yamamoto Kickin Zako Swimbait produces a hard kicking swimming action, which creates a strong underwater vibration that fish will track down and destroy.

Great for a variety of techniques, the enhanced swimming action of the Yamamoto Kickin Zako Swimbait makes it an ideal choice for swim jigs, spinnerbaits, vibrating jigs, underspins, and swimbait jigheads. It also features a split belly that allows anglers to Texas-rig it for a completely weedless profile. Offered in Yamamoto’s proven bass catching colors, the Yamamoto Kickin Zako Swimbait is another addition from Yamamoto that will become a mainstay in every angler’s tackle box.   Size 4" - 5 per pack