Strike King Chick Magnet Crankbait

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Strike King The Chick Magnet Flatsided Crankbait brings to mind those garage craftsmen who carve homemade plugs out of balsa and cedar in Tennessee and the Carolinas, and where the successful designs are secret, held like a great hand of cards close to the vest. Strike King was able to glean some of those secrets in collaboration with MLF pro angler Andy Morgan. The flat-sided Chick Magnet Crankbait is ideal for running at a three-to-six-foot depth range. Morgan states that the Strike King crank is perfect around shallow cover and that the Chick Magnet excels in cool water when fishing early and late in the season. When targeting fish in tougher conditions, the Chick Magnet's flat sides shine in water when fishing pressure is high or as a weather front moves in. The thin-bodied, exquisitely appealing physique produces erratic action. Its circuit board lip imparts a tighter wiggle and makes the plug dive fast, cutting through the water cleanly with a little harder wobble than other crankbaits. With flat sides and all of those moves, bass might be throwing themselves at you. Stuff your tackle trays with some Strike King The Chick Magnet Flatsided Crankbaits and draw the ladies to you!

  • Flat-sided crankbait
  • Innovative traditional lure design
  • Thin circuit board lip imparts a tight wiggle
  • Better casting and more durable than traditional balsa wood flat-sided designs
  • Qty. per Pack: 1